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Exterior Home Cleaning

Boost your curb appeal with an exterior home cleaning

Exterior home cleaning requires a professional touch for the best results. Organic growth like mildew and algae can be blasted off of your brick or siding with high pressure, but it will return in months. Clean Ash Exterior Cleaning Pros uses low pressure and chemicals to kill and remove what is growing on your house.

   We Can Tackle Any Surface
No matter your home’s material, our technicians can handle:

  • brick
  • stucco
  • Hardie board
  • wood
  • aluminum siding

   Stain Removal
Our house wash solution only covers organic growth on your home. If your home has rust or oxidation, we have processes to remove that as well. Additional charges may apply.

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    House Washing Process

    To give you the best customer service experience, we want you to understand our house washing process.

    Walk the property. Our technician will walk around the property to inspect all of the areas to be cleaned, noting any pre-existing damage that the homeowner should be aware of. Video and photos will also be taken.
    Plant protection. Plants in the cleaning area will be watered and rinsed. This will help protect your landscaping from the cleaning solution used.
    Soap Application. Our cleaning solution and surfactant mix will be applied using low pressure to all surfaces and allowed to dwell. This kills the organic growth on your surfaces instead of being blasted from the surface, but still growing beneath the surface. While the solution dwells, our technician will take care to rinse your landscaping again to remove any soap that may have inadvertently landed on your plants.
    Rinsing the Surface. After the solution has killed the organic growth, the surface will be rinsed with clean water and safe low pressure. Your landscaping will also receive another rinse for its protection.
    Homeowner Inspection. Upon completion, the homeowner will inspect the work done to verify that no damage was done to the property and services were rendered satisfactorily.

    Before cleaning

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