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I Can Wash My Driveway Myself

Of course you can, but should you? Not if you want professional results.

Let’s start with the equipment. Your consumer pressure washer has enough power to clean concrete, but you are probably using a wand instead of a surface cleaner. That means you are cleaning your driveway inch by inch. That’s not how you want to spend your Saturday. When it comes to efficiency, you can’t beat a surface cleaner.

A really dirty driveway
Before and After of a Clean Ash driveway treated with our 3 step process

However, cleaning your driveway does not start with the equipment: it starts with pre-treatment. Baton Rouge driveways are covered in black mildew and other organic matter. Concrete is a porous material. This means that the organic material is inside your concrete, not just on the surface. That’s where pre-treatment comes in. By using a blend of cleaning agents, Clean Ash actually kills the mold and mildew as the first step of the driveway cleaning process. This not only speeds up the cleaning time, but it keeps your driveway clean longer.

After our cleaning solution has had time to work, our technician will use a turbo nozzle to clean the edge of your driveway. We follow that up with a surface cleaner. A surface cleaner provides more consistent spraying than your wand provides. It also allows us to cover more ground in a fast, efficient manner. While we’re cleaning, we stop regularly to rinse off the loose dirt from your driveway.

Once we are complete with the surface cleaning, we follow up with our post-treatment solution. This will help your cleaning last longer and remove any streaks that may have happened during the washing process. Our post-treatment is what really makes your driveway shine like new concrete.